The Pumpkin Patch and Dairy Farm!

Today was the much awaited, pumpkin patch day!!!
The kids has a fabulous time and I am one tired teacher!
I tell you, I am plum wore out!!!
The place we went to was actually a pumpkin patch and a dairy farm. It was very entertaining and very informative. Not only did the kids get to pick out a pumpkin to take home, they also got to learn about cows and the milking process.
I even got picked to feed the baby cow!!!
It was definitely a highlight of the trip for me!!!
Me feeding the calf!
Baby cow (calf)
Mama cow
The farmer explaining how the milking machine works!
The kids also got to see other animals that were there, such as rabbits, roosters, chickens, lambs and ducks!

The kids also got to see some pig races!!
The kids just loved this part---they were cheering them on and just loved watching them race to the milk at the end!
This is also a special field trip for me considering it was the first time I've got to go on a field trip with my own daughter! It was awesome to be alongside her with all of her friends.
Mommy and daughter!
My sweetie finding her pumpkin!
We got to do even more too than what's pictured---we all had a picnic when we got there, they watched a short video about milk and why it's important and each kid got to test out the milking machine on their finger!
We had such a delightful time! It was great memories for all of us!!!

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