Pumpkins, a "colorful" race and a FREEBIE!!

It's finally fall time here in Kansas!
I absolutely love fall time here in the Midwest--it's chilly, the leaves are changing colors and it's perfect fire pit weather!!
As I'm getting ready for the coming weeks, I'm changing most of my math and literacy stations to be fall/Halloween themed. We are still covering many of the same skills that we've been working on since the beginning of the year, but I've learned that if you just represent it in a different way (with new pictures) the kids love it and stay interested! Many of the skills we are still working in math include number identification, one-to-one correspondence, the written form of numbers, and skip counting. In reading, we're still working on things like rhyming, capital and lowercase letter matching, and matching initial sounds.
For one of our math boxes this week I made this:

I always make sure to make 3 different levels of the same game so that I can differentiate for my kids!
Did I mention it's a FREEBIE so click here to get your copy now!
I also just finished this little pumpkin letter match up game:

Click here to purchase.
It's something I know a lot of my kiddos still need practice on--capital and lower case letter matching! They are sure to love it since we are going to the pumpkin patch soon---and they remind me of this daily! We practically have a countdown everyday to see how much longer they have to wait.... you have love their enthusiasm!
As a complete side note, my bestie and I did an awesome 5K race yesterday!  It's called the color run- they claim themselves as "the happiest 5K on the planet"---and I couldn't agree more!
It was so much fun and very colorful!  Every kilometer you get sprayed with a different color as you're running, so at the end, you look like a huge freakin' rainbow! It was AWESOME!!
This is me and my bestie Stephanie- pre-race with 6,000 of our closest friends!
 After the race- all colored out!
 At the end, everyone gets together and does a huge color throw! I love this picture!!
Needless to say, it was a great memory that I will treasure forever!


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