Some "halloweeny" creations....

So, I've been working like a mad-man this week creating things!
I've just been a busy little bee--I've had so many ideas for activities to use in my classroom and I was eager to get started making them all!! And of course most of them are Halloween themed. I just love all the "halloweeny" colors...oranges, yellows, blacks and even some lime green and purples!
So here's a few of my creations....

I think my kids will really love this game.  The teacher is supposed to cut the candy corn into three pieces and the student matches up the number, the number word and the dots! 
How stinkin' cute right?
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Here is my next one....

I think my students will enjoy this one too! It's a simple one-to-one correspondence game with cute pictures! This game is numbers 1-20.
My kids still need some work on it so I think this will be a great game for them!
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And last but not least...

I specifically made this one in mind to help my kiddos with patterns!
There are three different patterns in this set- AB, AAB and ABC patterns.
While common core does not require them to know patterns anymore, our school district does--plus, I just wouldn't feel right about sending my kids to 1st grade without knowing patterns! You could cut each pattern mat out to make individual pattern mats or you could leave them on the paper and make them into a file folder game- the choice is yours!
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I hope you like some of these game!
I hope to get pictures of my kids using them this upcoming week!

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