Happy Birthday To Me...And You!

Today is the day....it's my BIRTHDAY!!!!
(I love that I was born on 11-11...and Veteran's Day!)
That's right I'm celebrating 29 years of pure love, joy and happiness that I have received!
As I take a moment to reflect on my life, I'm in such a good place!
I absolutely L.O.V.E. my job! I really just can't believe that I get to paid to do what I was born to do- teach!
My family is great---my kids are healthy, strong and bright and my husband is beyond wonderful and supportive!
We have such a strong support system here in KS of great friends (since our blood family all lives back east!)
My 'side job' of being a Teachers Pay Teachers seller is going great and of course my little blog here isn't doing to shabby either! Thank you to all of my supporters and followers!!
The biggest present of all goes to you, my followers! I will put my whole TpT store on sale for today only! Be sure to hop on over there, check it out and maybe even grab a few things you've been eyeing! And of course, make sure you are follower so that you never miss out on any greatness!
I love you all! :)

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