The Experience Of A Lifetime..And A Reunion!

Today I had the experience lifetime! I got to meet the one, the only, Dr. Jean!
I know, you're jealous aren't you???
Dr. Jean is in town doing a seminar called "no more worksheets". A a teacher in our district is friends with her and the teacher contacted her months ago to see if she would go to her school. Dr. Jean agreed to pay her school a visit. Even though I'm not a teacher at that particular school, the principal at that school invited the Kindergarten teachers from the rest of the schools in the district to come and watch! My principal found a way to let us go and it was amazing!
She danced to tons of songs!
Here she was acting silly!
She did a presentation for their entire school. The presentation lasted for over 45 minutes. It was a nonstop show with so many songs, cheers and just pure non-stop entertainment. The kids just had an amazing time getting to see Dr. Jean firsthand and dance around to all of her classic songs they sing everyday!!
After her presentation was over and all of the kids were released to class, a few of us visitors stuck around to talk to her. She was the nicest lady. She talked to us about the school and that the kids were so well behaved. It really was an awesome experience for everyone involved. I'm so glad my principal let us go!  After talking to her for a short bit and got to take a picture with her here we are:
(Me, Dr. Jean, and my teammate Kelsey!)
While I was there seeing Dr. Jean, the strangest, weirdest, coolest thing happened....
Have you ever felt like you were put somewhere for a reason? Well I had an awesome experience today. At the school that we are visiting to see Dr. Jean, I ran into a student I have been thinking about, praying about and dreaming about for the past six months. See, last year I had a foster child in my kindergarten class. She had the best foster parents ever. They were great helpers in my room and they provided such an awesome experience for her while she stayed with them. Right before school ended last year she started living back with her dad. We were all sad to see her go. Since she started living with her real dad, she moved back to his house which was in the boundaries for the another school. As I was sitting and enjoying the Dr. Jean experience this afternoon at this other school, I look down and there was the child that I had been wondering about for the past six months. There she was sitting right almost in front of my feet. I knew God had put me at the school today for a reason. She finally looked back at me, her eyes got as big as the sun, she got the biggest smile on her face! I said "hi, how are you" and waved to her and she could barely speak. She sat there smiling and waving at me. I got to chat with her for short minute at the end of program. I just asked her if she would give me a hug and she gave me a hug that felt like she never wanted to let go. I think we both needed that!!! God was definitely answering some prayers for me and putting my mind at ease! I think I can sleep a little easier tonight knowing that she is safe and sound with clothes on her back and food in her tummy! 
Isn't this why we teach?  Because there are always those few kids that stick in your heart forever! Those ones that you'll never forget and you'll always wondered what happened to them.  Those kids that need you just as much as you need them. Those kids you love like your own!


  1. Oh wow! I got to see Dr. Jean over the summer and totally agree...she's awesome!!! I also posted a pic on my blog of her with our's pretty much like meeting a celebrity right?!?!? That's an awesome story about the little girl! You were definitely meant to run into her again!!!!

    Debbie :-)
    K is for Kinderrific

    1. I'm going to check out your post now!!! She's for sure a celebrity--in our world anyways! lol... Yes, I'm pretty sure I was meant to see that little girl today! :)

  2. Wonderful story. So glad you got to see that little girl. I love Dr. Jean. She's the best

  3. What an awesome story on both accounts! I am so glad you found the little girl in the crowd. God is good!

    I just found your blog today and am your newest follower:)Thanks for the freebie and congrats on being in the TpT newsletter!

    The Resourceful Apple


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