Learning To Add!

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 I sure hope you were able to snag some goodies too!
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In classroom news….My kiddos have started practicing to add.
They are doing so well.
 A lot of them have actually been adding for a while now----they just never knew what the technical term for it was when they were putting pieces together from two different sets!
Take a look at the activity we did yesterday to practice adding.
I gave them snap cubes and a miniature Popsicle stick that had a (+) on it. I wanted to hold them accountable for that sets of that they were making so I gave each of them a each piece of paper to record their addition problems on.
Take a look at some of their great work samples:
Have I told you lately how good their handwriting is getting??  
WOW---my kiddos are doing great!
I'm such a proud teacher!!!
Okay, now go!  Go fill your TpT cart---and don't feel bad about it either! :)  
You are teacher helping another teacher!!!

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