Honoring the memory of those taken too early...

After returning to work on Monday following the tragic events that happened last Friday, I decided to really take time and let me kids, just be kids! I vowed to let them do things I may not always make the time for--- starting with playing with play dough! I thought of it as my own personal way to honor the memory of those kids that will never get the chance to play again here on earth.
 When I announced to my kids that they were getting to play with play dough, they were so ecstatic.
Look how fast their hand are moving!! They were all so grateful for getting time to play and they kept thanking me over and over!!
When I asked the little girl about all of the "people" she told me that they were all of her friends here at school and she loves them all so much---it made my heart melt!!!

I also let my students do something we hardly ever do--- and that would be using paint! While it was supervised paint interaction time, the kids still loved playing in the paint! All of the kids made these cute hand print reindeer ornaments!! They turned out so cute!!
Aren't they so cute!!! I love them and I know their parents will too!
Make sure you take time to really reflect on how even our worst days, don't compare to others' bad days!  Appreciate what you have, while you have it!!

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