Polar Express Day!

Today was our polar express day!
It's always a fun day at school because the kids think it's such a treat to get to wear their pajamas to school. (This best part this year was that I got to experience it with my daughter!  It was so awesome to lounge in our pj's and watch a movie together all morning!) 

The day started off with watching the movie!
After we finished it, the students started working on some sheets from a great Polar Express pack I bought last year from Melissa Freshwater-- check it out here!
Take a look at some of the activities the kiddos did!
Gotta love those patterns!
Here, they had to roll a dice and color in the hot chocolate mugs with that number!
Students had to match the beginning sounds with the correct letter train car!
There are a lot more activities in the pack and we'll be working on those tomorrow!!

And what train ride would be complete without hot cocoa and a candy cane??
I treated the kids some hot chocolate, marshmellows and a candy cane---and they loved it!! They were all so grateful and very sticky by the time they were ready to go home!
This was their place set!
This little boy was so eager to put ALL of his marshmellows in his drink! lol....
I made sure to have them hold the cup when stirring so that we didn't have hot chocolate all over the table!  You could say I've learned a thing or two over the years!!

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