My 100th Post--which includes a cute bulletin board!

Wow!! I just realized that this is my 100th post!!!  CRAZY!!
I know it probably doesn't mean as much to everyone else, but to me, it just still feels kinda crazy---crazy to know that there are people (other than my family) that actually care about me and my passion in life- teaching!!
Well, on this 100th post, I want to share with you a cute bulletin board my teammates and I made! Everyone who knows anything about kindergarten teachers knows that we are notorious for being a little obsessive about bulletin boards! (Yes, it's a secret obsession I have--- and yes, I would change mine out every other week if there was enough time in the days and if I had a little more energy at 3:30!)
So check it out (sorry about the crookedness):
Isn't it cute??? I love it!! Each gingerbread man has a students name on it!
Of course, I saw the original idea on Pinterest and I just tweaked it some! We have 71 kids between us 3 teachers and so we were a little clueless as to what to do with all of the cookies that wouldn't fit on the cookie sheet, so naturally, we put them on plates!  I'm thinking about adding a glass of milk??? What do you think?
In other news, look what my kids have started doing during calendar time....

These are the 'chit chat messages' from the great Deanna Jump!!!
I love them and so do my kids.  Of course they love brainstorming the words that go at the bottom! (The one that got the most giggles was the word 'butt' for the letter b---I have tons of silly boys!) 
How many days until your winter break?  We have 11- but I'm not counting or anything!!
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