A snowman craft and writing activity!

Today I want to share with you a cute craft and writing activity that my kids recently created.
 I made a pattern to a basic snowman using three circles and a free handed a carrot for the nose and a hat for his head.
 I had my kids assemble the snowman piece by piece. They did really well going step-by-step, following directions.
I'd say it was a success on the actual craft part of the activity!
And then my kiddos shocked me!
They did such an amazing job writing their sentences to go along with snowman!!

Here are all the pieces to the snowman craft:
And here's some pictures of their final products:
(My snowman is happy.)
(My snowman different.)
(My snowman is little.)
Take a look at some of their actual writings. They honestly amaze me!!
(My snowman has arms.)
(My snowman is wearing a hat. My snowman is cool.)
(My snowman likes to be cold.)
Did I mention that the kids sounded these words out--by themselves???  Great job, right?!?!?
 How are your kids doing with reading and writing words?



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