Ornaments, games and a cute hallway display!

Happy Saturday everyone!
 I wanted to share with you a few things our class did this week.

First up: we made some really cute Christmas ornaments. Half of the class made Christmas trees and the other half the class made snowflakes. We painted Popsicle sticks and let them dry. Then the students put glue on them and added glitter! Take a look at the fun they had making them:
Secondly, I finally switched my math boxes. It was time to get some winter and Christmas themed activities in them! Take a look at some of the new fun games my class got to play:
This Santa's Secret Stash game can be found here!
This cute snowman game can be found here!
Find this missing number game here!
This patterning game can be found here!
This number matching game can be found here!
Last but not least, look at what I did outside my classroom! I have to admit I did steal borrow this idea from my sons daycare! It was just so cute and I just had to try to recreate it.... I love how it turned out!
 A view of the whole shabang--the fireplace and garland of sight words!
Each strand smaller strand belongs to one child--it contains a handful of sight words they know!
(The light bulb sight words by Mr. Greg can be found here!)
 A front on shot of the fireplace and stockings! Each stocking represents my kiddos, the paras that work in my room, me and our principal!
(A closeup of the bricks I created to give it a more realistic look!)


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