Words cannot express my feelings....

Here I am...24 hours after the shooting in Connecticut and I sit here perplexed! I am like every other American who is so heart broken that words cannot begin to express how my heart hurts for everyone involved in this horrific incident.

It hits home to me in the fact that I'm a kindergarten teacher. I am that teacher who has 22 precious lives that others have trusted me with. I am responsible for not only their learning but for their well being too.

I cannot begin to fathom what those teachers felt yesterday morning. Their thoughts of how they were going to save all of their babies---how they were going to defend themselves against the intruder--- how they were going to do their best to be strongest protector they could be.
Of course we all run through horrible scenarios that could always happen in our classroom.  Those thoughts about how I would get my kids quiet, how I would shield them, or how I would try defend off the intruder.
Now matter how much we try to prepare to deal with horrific incidents that could happen, I don't think any of us could 100% say what we would do unless we were in that moment.
I pray for all of those families.  All of those parents who will celebrate this Christmas with one less child at home.  All of those families that will set one less spot at the table for dinner.  All of those families that have been changed forever.  I pray that with time, we find hope and the courage to go on.  I pray that God puts his hand upon each of those families that were effected yesterday by this tragedy! You will never be forgotten!!
I will also be among the TONS of fellow teacher bloggers who will be dedicating their blog page tomorrow to the silence for Sandy Hook Elementary!  I will simply post the icon and title and dedicate tomorrow to all of the brave adults and 18 little innocent kids who lost their lives!
Take a moment and give your babies and extra squeeze tonight!! 


  1. Very well said, Elizabeth. You took what I have been feeling and put it into words. Thank you.


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