My target jackpot and it's the last day to enter my giveaway!!

Raise your hand if you love target... (both of my hands are raised!).
 Seriously, target might have me on the watch list for being a dollar spot stalker!! I try to make it in there once every two or three weeks to check out anything that's new! I am a bargain shopper like no other and you will find me anywhere there's a sale!!!

On my latest trip to target last Saturday, a hit the jackpot. I got some really cute and essential teacher items. Take a look at my stash that I walked away with. Each item was only $1.00!
Removable sticky squares and mounting putty!!
Paint tubs!!
Finger paint!!
Birthday stickers and Leap Frog number cards--these will be great for a pocket chart!
Two red stamp pads!!
I'm telling you, I am a dollar spot fanatic! They also had some really cute Valentine's day stuff there and they even had a little bit of St. Patrick's Day stuff also!  I'd start stalking them too if you haven't already! Tomorrow I plan on going to the dollar store--I haven't been there in forever! I know I'm sure to find some goodies in there too!
Don't forget---today is the last day to enter my giveaway to win my latest unit-- A Valentine's Unit!!
 The winner will be chosen tomorrow! 
Good luck!


  1. The Target Dollar Spot is my home away from home!! :) I love the Dollar Tree too! Those paint cups are adorable! Those pocket chart cards are awesome too! Just the card stock and ink would cost more to make them!!

  2. Target is my favorite place to shop! My children have to pull me away from the Dollar Spot, so I usually go alone!
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