Sight words-- and be sure to enter the giveaway!!

Whew-- anybody else exhausted?
Getting back into the swing of things is really taking a toll on my body!!
My feet are absolutely killing me, not to mention my back, neck...I could keep going but I'll spare you my moaning!

I really got to do a lot of work one-on-one with students today. I wanted to focus on sight words that the kids did not know. Having done grades in December, it gave me a real eye-opener for what kids still needed work with their sight words!

First, I had to make certain kids still didn't know some of the words-- I did a quick informal assessment. Then, I decided to start off with some good old repetition!! I decided that having the kids see, say and write the word and repeating that over and over, would do them some good!
Here our list of sight words from Reading Street by Scott Foresman. I made a mark by the words the child missed.
I then provided the child with the word list, stamps and 3 different colored pencils. I sat there with them and had them say the word then stamp it.  They then had to say the word again and write it with one color and then repeat that again two more times, until they had the word written in all of the boxes on the row. (This is what their work area looked like!)

This is what one child's paper looked like when we were done!
Once the paper was filled out completely, I reviewed the words with the child, they made up sentences using the words and they said them and spelled them on their own!
I feel like we made progress! At the end of the day the students I worked with did retain most of the words!  I know it will be a work in progress but I was excited to see them work so hard today!
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