Shaving cream sight words!

How are you feeling? 
It seems like everyone is getting sick!! We had 83 kids out yesterday (out of a school of 400!) and of course, wouldn't you know it--I think I'm next to catch the bug!! DANG IT! I've really been trying to avoid it but I'm feeling the begining signs--sore throat, runny nose, headache, sore neck, blah, blah, blah.... But as we all know, school doesn't stop so on to work I went---poppings meds every four hours, drinking cup and cups of water and sanitizing like no one's business!!
Sorry to bore you with my complaining.... on to the real reason you're here!
We've been working on site words like crazy lately, so I have to try to get creative on how the kids practice and learn their sight words!

I saw a very unique way to practice sight words on Pinterest the other day. A teacher had their kids practicing how to write sight words in shaving cream. I just knew my kids would love it and it would definitely keep them engaged the entire time. So I thought today would be the day that I gave it a whirl!!

My kids ended up having so much fun! I had 100% of kids engaged in the activity the entire 40 minutes and they did really well writing their sight words.
I do have to confess that I did give the kids about 5 minutes to just play before we began-- I always feel that giving them time to explore before we begin actually keeps them on task more often.  They get all of thier curiosity out before it's time to get down to work!! I also rewarded them with 5 minutes of free time at the end for working so hard and diligently!
Take a look at some of their fun and work:
I plan on doing this more often now!
I think it will be a great go-to activitiy!!


  1. That's awesome Elizabeth!! I am going to try it with my spelling words next week!!

  2. This is also a great sanitizer : )

    1. That's what my teammate told me too! Good to know!!

  3. That looks like a blast! :) I'm going to try it with letters for my prekinders soon, thanks for sharing the great idea!

    Fun in PreK-1


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