The A-Z of Me!

Today I'm linking up with The Polished Teacher for the A-Z of me!!
These are all of my favorites, from a-z..... so here we go!!

A: App-  iFontMaker-  I love this app! I got it on our iPad shortly before my husband deployed and since he's still gone, I haven't had much time to play with it! I made a few fonts I'd love to give away for free--I just need to figure out how to share them with everyone!!

B: Book Character- Fancy Nancy--mostly because she reminds me of my daughter!

C: Clip Art-  I L.O.V.E Ashley Hughes and Zip-a-dee-doo-dah Designs!! I'm ashamed proud to say I own many clip art collections from both of them!

D: Dollar Spot Find-  I love just about anything from Target's dollar spot! They have so much teacher materials.  I recently posted about some great finds...check it out here!

E: Essential To Start Day-  Eggo waffles! I know..Eggo's, right?!?  But it's true! I love them and I've been eating them for years.  I always used to eat them with syrup but then one day I started eating them plain and love them any more!! I know--kinda crazy!

F: Font-  Anything from 'A Cupcake for the Teacher'!!

G: Game-  Candy land! It is great for helping kids learn those colors---not to mention those vital skills such as taking turns!

H: Holiday-  Valentine's Day!  I love Valentine's Day (besides the obvious reasons such as thoughtful gifts, time to reflect with your loved one, etc) I just love everything pink/red/white and anything with hearts! I mostly love whimsical hearts! I love everything about love!! 

I: Ice Cream-  Vanilla ice cream with Oreo's mixed in---formally known as blizzards from Dairy Queen!
J: Jewelry Piece-  My wedding ring! DUH!!

K: Kid-ism-  "It was just an accident".... me: "How did you accidentally pinch him???"

L: Location travel-  GEORGIA and FLORIDA! We are military so traveling home to GA and FL to see family makes my heart just smile!!

M: Management Technique- My classroom library.  Students know they are free go to our classroom library if they finish work early--they love it! 

N: Nail Polish- Any kind of coral color from O.P.I.

O: Open House Idea-  We let our kiddos and their families bring in the students school supplies at the open house before school starts! This relieves a little bit of the stress of lugging in tons and tons of bags of school supplies on the first day--especially when they have so many other things to worry about that day---like finding their classroom! Once we get the class list divided out between us teachers, we separate the supplies and give them to the correct teacher (and we get to have a head start on storing and organizing the supplies!)

P: Pinterest Find-  I love all of the funny ecards!! These are just a few of my favs!
Be sure to check my other funnies on my pinterest page- click here!

Q: Quote-  me: "What did you just do?" 
 student: "I'm gonna tell you....but you aren't gonna be happy!"
At which point I had to excuse myself out of the room and compose myself from laughing...I don't know why it tickled me so much but it did! Her face was priceless!!

R: Read-Aloud-  Any fairy tale book!

S: School Supply-  A fresh box of crayons---the smell is unforgettable!!

T: TPT/TN Product-  I just adored Caitlin Clabby's Apples: Math and Literacy Unit.  When we did our apple week a while ago, I used it and was so in love with everything in the unit!  Check it out here!

U: Un-Official Hobby-  Creating TpT products/ exercising at the YMCA/ playing with my kids/ running/ browsing through Hobby Lobby (which always leads to a depleted wallet!)

V: Video Brain Break-  I love any 'Reading Rainbow' videos! I know, they may not be true brain break but it definitely bring me back to my childhood!! :)

W: Way To Spend A Day Off-  Spending time with my 2 kids and husband/ creating TpT activities/ shopping!!

X: X-tra Special Blogs You -  A Cupcake for the Teacher, Apples and ABC's, Kindergarten Lifestyle and many, many others!!

Y: Yummy Dessert-  Chocolate cake and rainbow chip frosting- YUMMY!!!

Z: Zoo Animal-  I love the penguins!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up! I love Fancy Nancy myself! That ice cream looks delish! I just love all those ecards! They are too funny!


  2. Hi Elizabeth! I've never heard of Rainbow Chip frosting! I'll have to look for that! :) Candyland is one of my favorite childhood games. Whenever I used to babysit, I'd always try and push Candyland!! :-)

    Smiles from 2nd Grade


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