An old school puppet show!

It's Wednesday--whew!!!
We are almost to Friday folks... hang in there!!
Last week our story in our reading series was Goldilocks and The Three Bears.
I came across this sheet in my files knew I just had to do it with my kiddos!
Some skills we have been working on include identifying the characters, settings and the plot of a story.  I decided to let my kids have a little coloring time while reviewing these skills!
I got the bright idea to let my kids do an old fashion puppet show with their characters!!
They freaking loved it!!!  I think I have some future actors in my class!
They colored their characters, cut them out and I taped them onto a Popsicle stick.
I then took a table, turned it on its side and viola! We had our own puppet show in our classroom!
The kids were all so engaged while their classmates were retelling the story with their characters!
 The 3 bears family!
 Miss Goldilocks!
All of the characters taking a bow at the end of the show!
I wish I had a pictures of all of their faces during the puppet show-- mouths were open, eyes were glued and they were all sitting perfectly still, hanging on to every word their classmates said! It was just wonderful!

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