My great new find--predicatable readers!!

Hi guys. I hope you're having a great weekend!!

I wanted to share with you a great product I recently found.
Tiffani, a fellow blogger has made these wonderful books! They are predictable readers and my kids just love them!! Not only are they printer ink friendly, they have dots under each (which my kids love pointing to so they don't miss a word) and they include our sight words that we are always reviewing! 

What I love most about these books is good they are predictable readers which means my students often times will learn that they can predict the words that will come next. They are easy-to-read books that are easy to assemble and get the kids tons of practice with a particular letter (A-words in the A book) and sight words. I print enough copies to use with a small group.  As a small group, the students take turns reading these books!  Not only is it giving them practice with a-words and sight words, it is also building the confidence of each student to read independently.  With so many of my kiddos, confidence is the key! I know they can do it and this is a prefect was to show them they can read and be successful!

Take a look at one of my little sweeties reading her 'A' book.
She points to each dot when saying that word.

She highlights the sight words that she finds.
At the end of the book she reviews the sight words that were in the reader. 

There is also a great worksheet included with each reader.  I let the students complete this page on their own after reading the books in a small group with me.
(I love that her picture has a line from her persons eye to the ant he's looking at!!)
Here is another sweetie working on her 'B' book!

If your kiddos need help with letters, sight words or just need to build their confidence reading easy books, check these out! I promise you won't be disappointed! Tiffani has them available for each letter independently or you can save money by buying them in a bundled set!!


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