New Math Boxes!!

It's that time again folks--- time to switch up my math boxes!
It's been about 2 weeks and my kids are ready to move on to new concepts.
I always love switching out my math boxes.... it's kinda like getting a new a pair of shoes--everything is so nice, neat and fresh looking! 
Take a peek at some of my kiddos working hard on their new math goodies!
They were all so quiet, engaged and really working!  And that made my heart smile!
These are two roll and cover sheets from my roll and cover freebie!!

I know I'm a little late with these dental health themed activities but I'm sure the kids will love them just the same!!
These four activities are from my St. Patrick's Day unit called 'Lucky Little Learners'... the kids were so excited to see these with St. Patrick's Day right around the corner!
These two tally mark sheets are from my 'tally mark mayhem' unit! The kids are doing so good learning those tally marks!!
I hope you liked seeing what my kiddos are up to for their math boxes!!
It's crazy to think the end of school is only 2 months away----aghhhhh---I feel like I have a ton more to teach!! Okay, deep breath and teach on!


  1. I love this unit! My kiddos wanted to keep playing all the games...ALL THE TIME!


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