Pesky little p's and q's!

2 more days until spring break!
Who's excited?? 
Y'all know I love my school kiddos but this mama is ready for a little break.  I'll be hitting the jet way and leaving to go see my family back in the south!  I can't wait to meet my new little nephew--- he looks mighty handsome in all the pictures I've seen!
I wanted to share with you a cute and easy review game for the letters my kids still mix up all the time-- p and q!
If you remember a while back, my friend made a really cute game to help students practice those pesky b's and d's they always mix up (click here to check out that post)!  Well, she made a similar game again this time with p's and q's!
I know, brilliant right?!?
Take a look at my kiddos having fun while 'minding their p's and q's'!
This activity is where they sort the beginning letter for each word.
Here is the recording sheet for the words above.  We laminated it to get many uses out of it and save on copies!!
Here is a paper/ pencil recording sheet. 
 This is the race to the top game.  They roll the dice and move their piece to the top to see which letter wins first! Notice the cool die to the right--- it is erasable!  We used a visa-via marker and it wipes right off when we are done!! LOVE IT!!
And be sure to follow her store too! :)

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