Alligator Pie!

Oh my word y'all!
My kids just did one of the cutest animal crafts ever and I'm so excited to show you.

We've been studying different animals in science lately. We decided to do a mini unit all about alligators! We did so many fun things that all involved an alligator.

First, we gave clues and had the kids guess what animal we were talking about. The clues involved things like this animal is a reptile, it has four legs, etc. Most of the kids quickly guessed the correct animal.

Next, we did an animal sort based on how many syllables were in the name of each animal. The students have all but mastered syllables now and that makes me one very happy teacher.

Next we played the song by Jack Hartman called alligator chomp. We actually do a version of this song every morning during our calendar time (he has 3 different versions, all with different beat patterns). I love it because it really has the kids listen to the beat that was given and then has them replicate it right back, all while chomping their hands like an alligator mouth. 

We then showed the kids the written out poem called alligator pie.
We had them learn it verse by verse and by the end, they could recite it so well. It was so cute to see all 70 kindergartners recite the poem.

We then went wet back to our classrooms and let the kids make alligator pie!  All it is vanilla pudding with green food coloring added in. 
They mixed it well and then add chocolate chips into little marshmallow for eyes!
And of course, the best part was getting to eat it!!
 After eating, they made the cutest alligator craft ever!! They also produced writings with their crafts. Take a look at how cute the crafts and writings turned out!!
Take a look at what our hallway looked like at the end! It was just loaded with fierce alligators!!
I'm so proud of all of Kindergartners and their writing abilities!!

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  1. Cute! I read the Gator Pie by Louise Mathews when I was doing my internships for college. It has a recipe for a chocolate marshmallow (Gator) pie in it. So I made that for the students. I did this for 6th grade for a division lesson. We didn't divide it into 100 pieces like the story, but divided it into 20 pieces so the students could all have a piece. It was fun!

  2. I love all the ideas for alligators! Your post brought me down memory lane. I didn't realize Alligator Pie was a Poem/story! When I first started out as a classroom aide, the preschool teacher I worked with, sang Alligator Pie. With a Daddy (big alligator chomp), Mommy (smaller chomp higher voice, kids, and even a Grandpa alligator (curled up hands-like dentured teeth, and a grandpa voice). I still sing that with my kids, it's a favorite (of mine too), and gets all the giggles out! Thank you for sharing! Now I'm going to have that song in my head... Guess I'll have to sing it tomorrow in class :D



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