Spring Activities and A Little Shocker Action!

Aghhh, Saturday- we meet again!!
Oh, how I love you so! Yippie for another weekend!!!
I'm here today to show you a two of my newest creations!
I hope you like them!
First up is my newest spring time math unit!
It has 5 different math activities with bright colors and spring graphics.  Take a look at a sample of the activities!

Next is my Spring I have, who has game!
And for the record, my college is playing in the Final Four game tonight so it's only appropriate that I say, "GOOOOOOOO SHOCKERS!!"
I mean really, how often does your college make it on a Sports Illustrated??
I hope we shock the world tonight!!


  1. Great creations! Too cute!

    Good luck to your shockers! I'll be rooting for them tonight!


  2. I am originally from Kansas, and I am so excited for Wichita State! Go Shockers!

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