Time and Clocks Galore!

It's about time!

That's right we've been working on time this week in math. My kids of been great with that so far and we have two more days to do.   Our district requires that our students be able to tell time to the hour on a digital and analog clock.

I started my introduction on time with a great idea I found off the one and only Pinterest. I found this hula hoop made numbers on colored pieces of paper and have the kids help me identify where each number went around the giant hula hoop clock.
I'm then went on to explain about the two hands on the clock.
I made sure to color-coded the hands of the clock on the floor with the color of the words in my explanation of the hands on the dry erase board. I was hoping that by color coding them the kids would make that connection of the hour and minute hand.

And then continued with an all class explanation of what o'clock means. The kids of course caught on quickly.
My kids then got to decorate their own clock. I was hoping that by allowing them to really take ownership of the clock by coloring it, maybe they would really study it a little closer.  Take a look at these very cute clocks.
The students have been using their handmade clocks for partner practice!  Today, the kids sat knee to knee and practiced making different times on their clocks.  They had to make the time that their partner called out and their partner had check them to make sure they were correct.  Of course the kids loved it---anytime they get to be in charge they take it seriously!  Here they are in their in their partner pairs.
We will continue our study on time for the rest of the week!  Tomorrow we will move on to digital time.  I can't wait to use my time packet I made.  I think the kids will love using this fun and colorful resource! This is the unit:
Are you required to teach basic time to your kinders? 

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