Our last days of school!

It's hard to believe that I've been out of school for a week already!
Where does the time go??? 

I not going to lie, it has already been a great week of relaxing, starting our family's two week vacation and hanging out with family and friends! I apparently was a little more exhausted with school than I had even realized! I know that this summer will be a great 8 weeks to rejuvenate my teacher batteries and get me ready for next year! (And yes, the true teacher inside of me is secretly thinking ahead to how my room will look for next year!!)

I guess since it has been a week since I said goodbye to my sweet classroom kiddos, it's about time for me to post a few things we did in our final days! We had so much fun and me and my teammates really spoiled them with some sweet treats and fun activities! They all worked so hard this school year that we felt like they deserved a fun final week in kindergarten!! 

First off, my teammates and I decided that for the last week of school (3 and 1/2 days) we should let them have a sweet treat everyday. Monday we gave them a popcorn party and a movie, Tuesday and Wednesday were Popsicle parties and Thursday was an ice cream party! We also had a bubbly party. The students made bubble wands out of pipe cleaners. We set out bubble liquid in pie tins and the students used their wands to make and blow bubbles!! It was so fun to watch them all! 

Take a look at some of the fun pictures I captured: 
Painting fun! 
Play dough fun! 
Free draw fun! 
The toppings bar for the ice cream party. 
Ice cream favors- vanilla, neopolitian, and chocolate chip! 
It taste so yummy!! 
Making bubbles with pipe cleaners! 
It works beautifully!! 

Lastly, I was sent this great picture on the last day of school--- and I found it so appropriate!! 

I'll be enjoying some great family time on our vacation for the next few weeks!! If you're out for the summer, enjoy your time off and if you are still finishing up your school year, we are still cheering you on!! You can do it!! 
I'll post again when we get back! 
Love to you all!!


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