Vacation From A-Z!

About a week ago now, I arrived back home from a 2 week vacation!
I know what you're thinking---a 2 week, that must have been nice!
Ummmm. yeah, something like that! 

What you don't know is that it was a two week vacation---with a husband, 2 kids, 2 HUGE suitcases, a golf club set, 2 plane rides and two, 6 hour car you see where I'm going with this???

While I love all of the things listed above (my husband and kids the most, of course) it dawned on me that vacations are a LOT OF WORK--bottom line! 

When did this happen?  
When did vacations go from being a luxury and relaxing experience to a stressful, mind-boggling hassle??? I'm pretty sure that was sometime around getting married and having kids....does anyone feel me on this??? Please tell me I'm not alone on this?!?!

Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful that we went on vacation and made tons of great memories but after arriving home, it dawned on me that I might need a vacation from my vacation! :)

Anywho, I thought it would be fun to run through an A-Z list of some of my experiences on this 2 week journey! 

A- Absolute blast: Even though my intro above may have sounded like I did not enjoy myself , I really did! In all seriousness, what is better than spending 2 whole weeks with your husband, kids and all of your extended family? It was a great time....tons of work or not, it was all worth it!
B- Breakfast: Nothing is better my mamma's cooking! A big Sunday breakfast is her speciality and she didn't disappoint!!! YUMMY!
C- Cousins: Since we are so far away from family, my kids rarely see their cousins. It was nice seeing my kids play and have so much fun with their cousins!
D- Delayed: As in our plane being delayed...4 times! We already had a night flight to go home so getting delayed multiple times made for one cranky mama...and 2 VERY cranky and antsy kids!
(These pictures were right before the cranky-ness began!)
E- ER: The first day of our trip we were in the ER! I know right...what kinda luck is that?!? My son's eye started to swell and it was very red.  We weren't sure what was going on with it, but the doctor gave us some meds and it was all good after a few days!
F- Frog: I love frogs--I've never been afraid of them at all!  But let me set a scene for ya---there I was, shaving my legs in the shower one morning.  I turn around to rinse out the razor and to my surprise a frog was climbing out of the drain!!!! I'm not even kidding!!  I immediately went into panic mode---I'm not sure I've ever seen a creature crawl up from a drain!! I instantly started screaming for my husband and then his sister! When they finally arrived, they found me wrapped up in the shower curtain, standing in the back of the tub against a wall!  I tired getting out what was going on but I just keep high-pitch screaming.  They found this very hysterical and proceeded to laugh their butts off.  My husband finally composed himself enough to grab the frog and release him outside!  WHEW---that was not fun! :/

G- Grandparents: It was so awesome seeing my kids with their grandparents.  There is just something about seeing your parents with your kids--- watching them make memories together makes me smile! And on this trip, I got to see my grandmother and my husband got to see his too!  We made sure to snap plenty of pictures of our kids with their great-grandparents!
(I love this one if my son who is helping his great-grandmother out of the pizza place! How sweet!!)
H- Home: Visiting my childhood home is always bittersweet.  It's nice to be home but it just doesn't feel the same.  Some things have changed but yet so many things have changed..all for the good of course!
I- Ice Cream: With so many kids around, the grandparents had plenty of ice cream on hand--and my kids loved it!!
J- Jabbering jaws: As in talking a lot! This trip my son started talking---a lot! He started saying longer sentences (4-6 words in them) and he is just about 2! It was kind of cool to see the quick progression of his speaking skills! (I guess you notice these things when you're a teacher!) 
K- Kids, kids, kids: My brother has 2 kids and my husband's sister has 4 kids.  No matter which house we were at, there were kids everywhere, all of the time! Kids always equal yelling, screaming and tons of playing so there was never a dull moment! 
L- Laughs: We were fortunate to meet up with a lot of old friends during this vacation!  My husband and I had tons of reminiscing with them and tons of laughs.  Sometimes we went to bed saying our cheeks hurt from smiling and laugh with old friends! 
M- Mini putt-putt: My daughter and my niece had a great time putt-putting!
N- Nephew: I got to see my new baby nephew   He is about 2 months old now and looking great! (He was born about 8 weeks early!) Babies are just so sweet and so precious with all of their little cooing sounds!
O- Ocean: It was my daughters second time visiting the ocean and my sons first time!  They loved it!!
P- Pool: We made sure to get lots of swimming in at our family's houses where we stayed.
Q- Quiet: Something we didn't get much of--- but I did capture this sweet picture! Notice the hand holding!! :) 
R- Rowdy: Rowdy is the best word to describe what the house seemed like most of the trip!  At my sister-in-laws house, there was a total of 6 kids in the house at one time! At my brothers house, there were 4 kids total! Needless to say, the kids were always jacked up and very loud! 
S- Snake: One night while visiting my brother at his house, the kids were outside playing when my daughter ran inside yelling about a snake!  Sure enough, they found this! Ummm, no thanks when it comes so snakes!
T- Tropical storm: 3/4 of the way through our trip, we made our way back to GA from FL.  It was a 6 hour drive and yes, it was the day the tropical storm was moving up the east coast of the United States.  We literally drove all 6 hours, in the rain, with the wipers on full blast!
(This is a picture of a red dot indicating where we were at in our drive north and the bottom one is a picture of what we could see!)
U- Unique: One of the most unique things I saw on vacation was my sister-in-laws next door neighbors house!  Take a look!! It is covered in vines.  Yes, people still live there and it's only on the walls.  While at first I thought "that's cool", I later started thinking, don't they have more bugs? Or will the vines start to want to grow inside the house or through the walls?  Very unique decor to say the least!
V- Vehicle charging station: I thought this was pretty cool.  We stopped at a Kohl's in Florida and I saw this sign and pump! Do people still have smart cars?? How neat!!
W- Water: When we were in GA and couldn't get to the beach, the kids needed some kind of water to play in! My parents got a pretty nice little blow up pool to play in and the kids loved it! It was just the right height for my son to easily get in and out of! (We also went to the neighbors house and used their in-ground pool! I swear my kids were turning into fish!)
X, Y, Z- I got nothing! lol...

I hope you got a glimpse of how tiring, but rewarding, our trip back home was!
I know my kids made tons of great memories and I have tons of pictures to prove it!!
Family time is the best kind of time!

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