Classroom Tour 2013! I Am o-FISH-ally ready!!

Oh my gracious! What a week it is been. 
It was our first full week of kindergarten and this teacher is beyond exhausted. 

I'm sitting here now in the comfort of my home and I can only think about is how tired I am, how bad my feet hurt, and how many things I still have on my to do list!!  But for now but to do list will wait. I have got to relax and recoup before I begin another week with my new kindergartners.  

It just dawned on me this morning that I have not posted pictures of my room yet.  So, what better time than the present to take you on a classroom tour! 

Welcome to my classroom! 
This is the view once you've stepped into my classroom an look to your sides. The nine square organizational unit is where I keep all of my kids extra school supplies. 
On your immediate left, this is the front of my classroom. This is the wall that houses my number line, whiteboard, SmartBoard, and calendar.  Since we use the SmartBoard so much my classroom, this wall is really the focal wall for my room. (It is still a work in progress since I don't have all of my posters up yet!)
This is a close-up of my number line that runs on top of my SmartBoard. It can be found here.
This is the view you see as soon as you step into my classroom looking straight ahead. 
The two bulletin boards straight ahead are my word wall board and my color board. 
This is a close-up view of my word wallboard. I tried to new look with layering two boarders and I love it!! 

And these are my word wall letters that can be found in that same set as above.  
Here are my plastic times that got a face lift. Click here to check out my post on how I did it. 
Here is part of my classroom library. 
And here is the other part.
 The first level is stuffed animals that go along with books I have in the library. The second level is where I store my Leap pad reading consoles. In the last two levels I have six white tubs filled with the rest of my books. 

My desk area.
My small group meeting table. Note the desk and small white board. The desk houses materials needed for my small group and the whiteboard is perfect for when I need to explain something. 
This is a huge three-part self that contains all of my math and literacy games for work stations. The 12 clear scrapbooking boxes on top is where my math stations are located! 
This is the book bag and coat hook area! 
Another view looking into my classroom. 
I just love how are Kindergarten board turned out in the hallway. Since our school-wide theme is ocean this year, we thought it was only appropriate to tell everyone that our kiddos are o-FISH-ally Kindergarteners. Each fish contains the name of one kindergartner. (Yes, we have 87 Kinders this year!!)
I hope you enjoyed seeing my classroom. 
It really is my second home and I love it!!  

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