Gearing up with fall and Halloween activities!

This week was conference week for us at school.

As much as I dread the long days, it is so nice to meet all of the families and really make connections!  I heard some nice compliments that really reassured me that I'm doing things right.  There is nothing better than hearing a parent say how much their child loves coming to school! That is seriously music to my ears. Instilling that love for school and knowledge in kids is so important at this young age!

Now take a peek at what my kiddos have been doing in class!
This week I got to use a lot of my fall and Halloween games! The kids love it when I give them something new---little do they know it is just like the other games they have been playing,  but these just have new pictures and fonts! 

Here is one of my favorites!  They have to match the capital and lower case letters as well as a picture with that beginning sound! 

These are a few of my cut and assemble puzzles! They are super easy to prep and the kids LOVE them!! 
Click here to view them on TpT!

Here is another beginning sound match up game!  This is one of the activities from my apple unit! 
Click here to view this unit!

These are great practice in math!  My kids try so hard to match all three pieces to make a whole candy corn! Matching the number to the word is the hardest part for them but they all seem to get it eventually!  I love seeing them work so hard to make it all match!
Click here to check this out!

Here is a simple, yet very practical, letter matching game! It is a definite go-to game for my low babies!
Click here to find this!

I love this game because it really introduces kids to one's cubes and ten sticks!  We've been working with them at calendar everyday so I love that this game reinforces it!!
Click here to view it now! 

I hope that a few of these games will be a perfect fit for your kiddos too! 
I'll be back soon to let you see what I have planned for our classroom Halloween party!
Happy (soon-to-be) Friday!!

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