Shapes all around!

Hey bloggy buddies!! 
Happy Saturday!!
Whew---I'm so exhausted... It was a long week!!

I just wanted to show you what we've been doing in math.
I have been teaching shapes and having so much fun doing it!

The shapes my team and I been teaching have been circle, square, triangle, rectangle and hexagon.
These are the shapes that our district mandates that we teach first (we will be moving on to ellipse, rhombus and trapezoid soon).  

The kids have been doing great with learning them all!
We've done lots of activities to try make it all stick in their little minds and I think it worked---they all did awesome when we tested the kids on them- Yayyyyy!

Here's a few things my team and I have up around our rooms!

These are the shape posters and magazine hunts in my room! We originally went over each shape for a few days, then we reviewed them all like crazy! They had so much fun searching for the shapes in magazines.  It was their job to find the shapes and then bring them to me.  I had to approve them and then I glued them down!  It was so awesome to see the kids be so engaged in finding those shapes!!
(No magazine shapes were found for hexagon!  I just explained that it's not a real common shape to find and the kids were okay with that!)
You can find the pre-made posters in my Snazzy Shapes pack!
Click here to see it now!! 

Here is what my shapes display looks like in my room!  It's nice and bright and the kids refer to it often!
One of my teammates made these awesome posters with her kiddos. She reviewed all of these shape aspects everyday before moving on to the next shape!
Another one of my teammates made these cute posters for her kiddos! The poems are so catchy! Her kids loved them!! (She found the poems online but I'm not sure where!  If you know the original source, let me know!!)

I hope a few of these shape ideas help you in your classroom!!

Do your kiddos need more practice with shapes?
Check out my 2 sets of shape worksheet pages!
Click here for set 1 and click here for set 2!


  1. I love these ideas for shapes!!! I was just searching for some and came across your blog! Thank you!!!

    1. I hope they help you!! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. These are great visuals! I will totally be using these ideas :)


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