Math boxes and a tip to New Orleans!!

Well, the weeks just seem to be flying by, don't they??
Our grades are due at the end of the week and conferences are just in 2 short weeks---ummm, hello! Where did the first quarter or school go?  Geez!!  I feel like I just blinked and there went 9 weeks! 

I wanted to share a few items that are in my math boxes currently!
First up, my 'roll and color' freebie from TpT!! 
You can use any of these die to differentiate for your students needs!
Click here to grab it now!!

Next up, my fall ten frames.  I love these because they are simple, no prep and easy on the printer with minimal ink!!
Click here to grab these!

Here is one of my best sellers!
It's simple, easy to use and full of choices for the kids to choose from!  
(I plan on adding more soon in my spare time!)  
It's all about sorting buttons based on different attributes such as color, size, shape and holes!
Click here to check this out!

My kiddos need practice with one-to-one correspondence so these Halloween themed ten frames are perfect!  They simply count and place the correct number on each card- easy peasy!!
Click here to view it!

If you follow me on Facebook (which I hope you do--I do giveaways all of the time), you know that I recently went on a trip to New Orleans!!  My hubby and I went for our friends wedding!  We had an amazing time (minus the 13+ hour drive each way)! We got to really explore the town and we did so much!!  I asked my readers to give me suggestions on what to do while I was there and I loved reading all of the responses.  We actually did a lot of what was suggested- so thanks if you left a comment!!

Here is some of our great pictures!! 
Oysters, Bourbon Street and grits, oh my!!

Have a mask--or two---or three--or 50!
They were all so pretty!!
There are SO many beautiful old homes!
We went here....
And got these!! They were so yummy!!!
And just because, here's the hubby and I!  I love this man!! :)
I hope you enjoyed my math boxes activities and a picture tour of my trip!

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