Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins!!

Halloween is almost here!
Over the past week, my kids have been in love with our in house pumpkins!
Here they are! Aren't they so cute?  

The top two pumpkins are small (about the size of my palm) and the bottom one is very unique.  The farmer told me that it's a special kind of pumpkin that starts to turn orange and then stops half way through it's growing, so they stay half orange/ half green!!  My kiddos were so amazed to see such small pumpkins and different colored pumpkins too! 

We were full of fun activities to do during this week all involving pumpkins, of course! 
The following activities were all from Deanna Jump's Pumpkin pack! 
Click here to see her whole pack! 

First up was our pumpkin investigation!  The kids got to draw their pumpkin, measure it, count the lines  and even put it in a bucket of water to see if it sank or float!! Here are their final recording sheets.  

Next up, we discussed the life cycle of a pumpkin!  I found this great non-fiction book with great colorful pictures, this past summer.  I've been saving it to use all year long!  It's written by Ron Fridell and Patricia Walsh.
After reading the book to the kids, we then completed the pumpkin life cycle sheet!  They really took their time on it and I think they turned out awesome!!

And lastly, we made glyphs!! This made for a great hallway display.  The other grades were so impressed to see such great coloring!  Yay, we are making progress folks!!!
After the pumpkins were created, we did a recording sheet whole group!  It used tally marks, counting and a bar graph! All of those great math skills we practice daily at calendar time!

I hope you are ready for Halloween and all of the madness that ensues with the day!! 
If I get froggy, I may let the kiddos cut into our pumpkins and count the seeds inside! We'll see if that happens! 

I can't wait for you to see my kindergarten team's costumes! 
We are so proud of them this year!!  
Check back tomorrow so you can see them! 


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