An October recap and my November currently!

Hi friends!
I'm bringing you my November currently but before I do that, I thought I needed to recap October!!
Boy, the months are flying by---where did August, September and October go?!?!

Yes, I realize Halloween was last week, but don't judge---I've been busy!!  I'm teaching full time, taking 2 Master's classes (I know, crazy right!), trying to get back into shape at the gym, getting ready to put our house on the market, and oh yeah...spend time with my wonderful husband and 2 kids!!  So, blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat!  I know you understand!! 

Without further ado, here is a recap of our Halloween day!
We did the usual party stuff with drinks, cookies, candy, goody bags and costumes but the best part of the day this year was doing a piñata!!  It was my first time prepping for a piñata party but it was so much fun!  We got two of them so we could split the boys and girls up--we have 90 kindergartners total!!  
Here is part of the girls side--everyone got two swings at it!
And these are the boys going crazy when their's busted!!  I know the picture is blurry but the moment was CRAZY!!   They had so much fun grabbing all of the candy!
This is all of the candy from both of the piñatas.  Each tub is about 4 inches deep!!  It was A LOT of candy!!!
This is my kindergarten team this year!! 
Everyone loved our minions!!  
(I'm the red head on the far right.)
And I have to show you my cute kiddos!  My boy just loves sports right now and we found it only fitting to have him be a football player!  My girl wanted to be a cowgirl--and of course cowgirls love pink!!! :)
We had a great Halloween!!

Now, on to my November currently!

I turn the BIG 30 next Monday!! WOW--I can't believe I will be 30!! I'm at such a great place in my life--a great job, a wonderful family, awesome friends and some exciting things happening in my 30th year of life.  Bring it on!! (Yes, my birthday is 11/11.... also Veteran's Day!)

I am wanting life to fast forward about 6 months, for a good reason!  Stay tuned in the coming weeks/months to find out why!  (And no, I'm not pregnant!)

My yummy pin is this....
It is Braided spaghetti bread!  It is so yummy!!  
It's like having your spaghetti inside of your garlic makes my mouth water just looking at it! 
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