Our 100th Day Of School!

We recently had our 100th day of school!
It's such a fun day filled with tons of activities and the kids were so excited to finally celebrate! The day was so bust that the kids did not ask me once "is it time to go home yet?" I'd call that a successful day! 

Here is a run down of everything we did! It may seem like a lot but this particular day we did not have any specials so we had to stay busy!!

This was their morning sheet.  Just an easy little coloring sheet!
100 stickers--I may be so much of a sticker hoarder that I had PLENTY of stickers for my 19 kiddos and many, many more left over! 
Hershey Kiss seek-and-find!  I hid 100 kisses around the room.  They each had a garage sale sticker on the bottom of them that contained a number.  They had to bring me their kiss and put their number sticker on our blank 100's chart. 
I found these quick cute hats off makinglearningfun.com.   
The kids loved wearing something on their head all day! 
We made a HUGE gum ball machine! The kids used bingo daubers to add the gum balls in the machine.  I made the machine out of butcher paper so that it was ready to go before we started. Every student got to add 5 gum balls of their choice and I added the last five!  
Counting fingers poster.  Each child got their hand painted and we added them all to one big sheet of butcher paper.  Once it was dry, we counted and labeled each finger to make sure we had 100! I forgot to take a final picture of the end result but trust me, it's cute!!
100 snacks-- The kids LOVED this one of course!! They couldn't wait to stuff themselves full of goodies!
I then asked the kiddos to take a minute and think about their favorite food!  I could hear them "yums" coming from their mouths.  Here a few that are too cute for words!!
(Chicken Nuggets) 
(Macaroni and Cheese)

Next, it was time to pull out the paint! Each student got to put ten dots of different colors in their circles! We may have got a little messy but it was fun!!
Later, I asked the kids about being 100 years old!  Who wants to live to 100? What would you look like? Could you see and still walk?  Here are a few so, so, so cute drawings!
(This old man has two canes and little hair!)
(This old lady loved being old.  Check out her veins and wrinkles!!)

Next, we counted our toes! We reviewed that humans have ten toes all together.  We practiced counting by 10's to see if we had 100 toes in our classroom!
Who doesn't love ice cream??? They worked as table teams to complete this tall ice cream cone! Each student got to color a few ice creams and the cone. We then assembled it and talked about all of the yummy flavors the kids had made!!
We also did some good ol' number writing!  This took them a while since we don't practice writing to 100--we usually just say it! But like always, they rocked it! 
Last but not least, I finished the day by reading this great book!  The kids loved it!  I would recommend it to anyone celebrating the 100th day! 

I hope you liked what we did and got a few ideas to use in your classroom!
Most of these activities can be found in my 100th day of school packet found on TpT!

Click here to view it now!! 

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