What is that I see? The SUN!!

What is that I see? 
It's a bright blue sky, a beautiful sun and NO snow on the ground- finally!!
About a week or so ago, we had 12 inches of snow on the ground... and I'm happy to finally report that Mr. Sun has melted it all away! 

Isn't that just a gorgeous picture of the sky??  I love it!!

I even had to take a picture of what the temperature got up to today!! (Don't mind the fact that I didn't take the picture until 6:00...my kids and I were having a blast outside while it lasted!)

So, what's a teacher to do when the snow melts and the temperature rises???  
We go outside for math of course!

The kids were elated to find out that if they focused on practicing addition stories, they would be rewarded with some extra play time outside.  This math lesson went wonderfully---everyone was focused, happy and eager to work!  I simply called out addition number stories and the students wrote down what they heard. (We are still working on the correct way to write addition problems using the addition symbol and the equal sign, but we are progressing!)

Here the kids are working so well!
Here are few of their addition problems!  Not to shabby!!  

Mr. Weatherman says the temperature is supposed to still be rather nice again tomorrow.....we shall see.  I sure hope he's right--and I know the kids do too!!

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