Halloween Is Upon Us! {FREEBIE Included!}

It is officially October which can only mean one thing....it's to bust out new "not so spooky" resources!! Here at the Mrs. Hodge and Her Kindergarten Kids headquarters {aka my home} I've have the creating bug!! I've been busy working everyday to create some of my best resources yet and I can't wait any longer to show you my two newest products {and freebie}! 

First up is my Halloween -save your ink- Math Printables! 
(I'm kind of in love with the cover! Eeeekkkk!!!)
Click on the picture to view it on TpT!
 Here is a quick preview of most of the pages included in the unit!
This unit includes skills like one-to-one counting, number words, ten frames, tally marks, coin identification, shapes, even/odd numbers and patterns!!

My daughter could NOT wait to get her hands on these sheets.  I was printing a few pages off to check for clarity and such when she started in on me to do some of them.  Being that good mother/teacher that I am, I obliged and let her have it! You would have thought I just had given her gold.  She was in her element for sure!

Next up is the math's counter part---the Halloween -save your ink-Literacy Printables!
Click on the picture to view it on Tpt!
 Here's an overview of what's included in this pack!
This unit includes skills such as capital letters, lower case letters, matching capital and lower case letters, vowels/constants, initial sounds, real/nonsense words, middle sounds, rhyming and CVC words!!

Again, my little school girl had a hay-day with these!
I hope you like what you see and I hope they will serve your kiddos well at school! They are currently on sale if you'd like to snatch them up now!! 

Now, on to the freebie I think you will love!
Click the picture to download it now!!
I created this graphing activity because it is a great skill that kids can start practicing early on in the school year! The bright colors and cute graphics are sure to keep your students engaged. I simply slip the graph inside of a clear page protector, I give my students a few dry erase markers, a pencil and a paperclip for a spinner and voila--an instant math center that is easy and reusable! I hope you can use this freebie in your classroom!! 

Click on any of the pictures to view them on TpT!

Have a fun and "not so spooky" October!!!

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