What Makes A Substitute Teacher great?

If you have been following my blog for ANY amount of time, you know my story....I'm a Kindergarten teacher who moved across the big pond and I currently reside in England! Since moving here six months ago, I've looked for teaching jobs but they are hard to come by and it seems that the key to getting in to schools is by being a substitute first. 

So, that's where I'm at now! 
I've gone through loads of paperwork and I'm proud to say, I start my journey as a substitute teacher tomorrow---I will be in a 1st grade class! 

I'm filled with tons emotions----
I'm happy to be working again {I'm such a busy body!}
I'm scared of the unknown
I'm confident in what I know and my abilities as a teacher
I'm anxious about not knowing what kind of class I will have
I'm eager to get started......And I could go on and on {but I'll spare you! HA}

So, as a teacher, we've all had subs. We've had GREAT subs and not so great ones, both of which stick out in my mind. I'm now trying to remember what made them awesome or what made them so horrible. But unfortunately, we never REALLY know what makes a great substitute great, since we aren't there when they are! 

So my question to you is:
Have you ever been a substitute before? 
If so, what are some tricks or tips that you can pass on to me?
And if not, what are some attributes that make subs great? 

I'd love for you to leave me some comments/suggestions/tips/tricks about being the best substitute that I can be! :)  


  1. Yes, I have been a sub. I actually enjoyed it! You got to see a lot of classrooms and see some great ideas. If you don't have a great day, you get a whole new set up the next day. You walk away at the end of the day with no worries about grades or data. The kids are fun and challenging and sweet, just like all kids. Bring stickers to bribe them! Have fun! You will have to let us know how different it is in England!

  2. Your article is very emotional dear. It is very hard to start again from the initial point. I was working in Phoenix preschool before my wedding. Now I have been shifted to Orlando. After a long time it is very hard for me to join a preschool again.


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