Thanksgiving Math Printables are here!!

Good Monday folks!
Is everyone feeling refreshed after another lovely weekend?
I sure am! 
There is nothing like some good ol' family time to rejuvenate me!! Family time mixed with a little shopping mixed with a little football...Aghhhh, it's the weekend of dreams for me!

Mixed in with family, shopping and football, I was able to put the finishing touches on my Thanksgiving {save your ink} Math Printables Unit! I really like how it all turned out and I have plans to add a few more pages soon! 

Take a look at a few pages that my daughter practiced! She's so eager to try the printables and games that I make...I love it! It makes my teacher heart very happy that she's always willing (and eager) to learn! 

Here it is:
 Here's an overview of most everything that's included:
Tally Marks
Working on number words
Ordering number words
Numbers, number words and one-to-one correspondence
Sorting those shapes
Identifying coins and their value
Teen Numbers
There are even more skills covered so be sure to check it out! 
Click on any picture to take you the TpT listing! 

While you're there be sure to check out my other Thanksgiving items that you might enjoy:
(Click on each picture to see more details!)

Early this morning I was browsing through Pinterest and I found some of the cutest pins ever! Here a few that I just had to share! They are so simple!!
Click on each picture to view its original source:

A Turkey made from tissue paper!
 An east popsicle magnet!
A cute folding craft stick craft!
And look at this cute little turkey!
Aren't those cute?? I love them!

As always, keep working hard, the holiday's are close!!
Have a great week!

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