Color Poems Are Here!

Happy summer guys and girls!! 
(I sure hope it's summer for you still. Please don't tell me you've started school already...and if you have, bless your heart!)

I've been keeping busy lately!!
While trying to soak up these glorious days of summer, my creative wheels have been turning. I think having recently finished my Master's Degree has given my brain some free thinking time and my creative wheels have been in motion nonstop.  

What I've been working on most recently was copying my color poems from my big color unit that I made last year! I've had so many request for them recently that I decided to pull them out and sell them as a stand alone pack. 

The big color unit I made last year was this one:
 Here is a peek of what's included!
It can be found by clicking here.

And here are the color poems that I pulled out.

And here is a sample of just a few of them!

Click here if you'd like to view them in my TpT store!

I do have to mention that I created all 11 of these poems on my own!! I'm actually very proud of how they all turned out. I think they are cute and I hope your students love them as much as I do! I think they would make a great supplement to any color unit that you teach! 

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