Birthday Balloons That Kids Love!!

For TBT for this week, I want to share with you how I made the birthday balloons that I gave to students on their birthday! They always loved getting a little something for me and of course, I loved sending home a load of sugar for them to enjoy {you're welcome parents}! 

Take a look at how simple it was to make! If you don't have a Circuit machine you could always freehand it or use a die-cut!

Birthday Balloons

Well, school is about to start and that means I'm kicking it into high gear!!!

So, my latest project has been birthday balloons on pixie sticks!
Yes, you've probably seen them all over Facebook and Pinterest but they are just so darn cute!
I HAD to make them for my new kiddos!

Here is how I made mine, step-by-step! And I just L-O-V-E how the end product turned out!

First, I started off with scrapbook paper--this is my secret weapon in my classroom!
This is just a big sheet of scrapbook paper, 12 X 12, and I found this cute birthday design at my local Hobby Lobby store!
Next, I used my wonderful teammates Circuit machine to cut out all of the cute balloons. I could only get 4 per sheet--but they were a pretty good size. And this was the step where we realized that picking a paper that had more of an abstract design would have been better-- we cut 4 balloons out before we realized that hats were sideways when we were holding the balloon at the bottom-OOPS!!!
(I also later added a different kind of paper to break up the monotony of the hat design.) I then added the 'happy birthday' on the front and then laminated them.
The next step was to attach the tall pixie sticks to the back of each balloon  I just did this with clear packing tape.
Next I found an old fishbowl from our "trash" pile at school---there are so many good finds in there!  I added all the sticks in there and arranged them until my heart was content!
It then looked like it was missing something so I went to our craft supply and found some bright pink tissue paper.  I stuffed it in the bottom and viola- my beautiful birthday balloons!!!


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