Halloween Ideas, Pins and Printables!

It's the beginning of October and that means it time for all things Halloween! There is so much you can do with this holiday and not all things have to be scary or spooky. I think students really love this time of the year because it's the first real holiday of the school year and quite frankly, kids like to try to scare their friends or gross them out! So why not incorporate Halloween into your everyday activities to keep the kids engaged!! 

I wanted to get some ideas so I started my search {like I always do} on Pinterest and I was absolutely blown away by all of the cool and unique classroom activities teachers have created. (Pinterest is the best for not recreating the wheel!) Below, I have complied some of the best Pins that I found! I think you'll love them and maybe even want to add them to your class plans however you see fit! Be sure to click on any picture to view that Pin on Pinterest!

First up, I found TONS of great Halloween themed sensory bin ideas. It's all about getting creative! Since you typically want smaller items for your sensory bins, it's easy to find like pumpkins, fingers, spiders and eyeballs! Party favors are great to help find small items at a cheap price! 
More great sensory bin ideas!
I love this idea of dying pumpkin seeds! Not only do they hold the dye color really well, it's so easy to do since pumpkins supply you with hundreds of seeds!! I really think the possibilities are endless once the seeds are colored. Here, they used the seeds to create their names but you could also do sorting with them, use them in a math center with counting, create sight words with them or make them the base for your next sensory bin! I'm sure you can think of tons more ideas!! 
My students would LOVE a candy corn volcano! All of these materials are ones you probably already have on hand, with the exception of the funnel. Take a look at the pin and see how easy it would be to create! I know my students would be highly engaged!! 
Science seems to get kicked to the back burner sometimes but why not make it front and center this year?!?! Here is a list of some cool science activities that your students are sure to love! 
Once your room looks like Halloween why not make it smell just as good too! Here I found some awesome and EASY ways to make your own pumpkin scented play dough and cloud dough!! Again, you probably already have the ingredients on hand! 
I can smell the yummy-ness now!!
And you know you can always use some cool STEM activities!! Check out this pin to see some not-so-spooky candy science activities. 
I know my students would rock this challenge! Building with candy? Double yes!!! I'm sure you could get parents to donate a bag or so each to keep the cost down!
Since I've filled with you with tons of great Halloween ideas for the classroom, I also want to show you some pages of my 'Halloween save your ink printables' unit! I created this unit in hopes of saving teachers time and money, by not using color on any of the sheets---everything is in black and white with cute kid-friendly graphics!
{Click on any picture to view the unit on TpT!}

Here is the unit cover....
And here is a quick overview of everything included in the unit!

My daughter wanted to "play school" so I obliged! She might have been slightly annoyed that I was taking pictures but she knows her mama likes to document everything! Can you blame me? :)

First up, tally marks.
Students color in matching number and tally marks the same color!
My kiddos always need more practice with ten frames!
Identifying coordinating numbers and number words.
Patterns are so important!
Cut and glue numbers to the correct number word!
Crazy counting with one-to-one correspondence. 
Color the same shape ghosts the same color!
It's never to early to introduce even and odd numbers. 

I hope you've found some great Halloween themed ideas that you can use this year!  
Be sure to click on any picture to view more about it! 

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