Stock Your Centers With These Halloween Themed Literacy Games!

Are you a tired teacher?
Are you a tired teacher that has been in school for a month or longer?
Are you a tired teacher that needs some fun, engaging and no prep games to keep your kiddos practicing those basic skills through October? If so, you need this Halloween Literacy Games pack! In this pack, I've compiled a group of easy to use literacy activities that you simply need to print and they are ready to use! Take a closer look at what's included....  
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Here is the Literacy Pack!
For activity one, students match a lower case letter {the candy corn card} with a capital letter {the candy bucket card}!  
Activity two is one of my student's most favorite games...cut and assemble puzzles! Here, students will order their ABC's to reveal a cute kid-friendly Halloween picture! Simply print the page, cut on each vertical line and the game is ready!!
Activity three easily allows you to easily differentiate for your students. Here, students match a capital letter, lower case letter and a picture that has the same beginning letter. If this is to much for your students, just eliminate one set of the cards, such as the lower case letter cards and have students just match the capital letter and the picture! You choose how easy or difficult you need it! 
Activity four has students match rhyming picture cards! 
I've also included a recording sheet so if your students are ready, they can record their pairs of rhyming words! 
I hope you find this pack useful and your kiddos love the activities!!
Click on any picture, or click here, to view this pack on TpT!

Keep on keeping on....the end of the week is near my friend! 

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