Falling Into Fall!

It's Fall....
Can you smell the crisp air?
Do you see the changing color on the leaves?
Agh...it sure does feel like fall here in England! I love it!!

Since we are in the thick of Fall now, I wanted to highlight one of my most favorite units that I've created! It's one of my favorites because I just love the color and graphic combinations! The skills were all ones that my students needed practice with and so it was easy for me to pick the skills to focus on!! 

Take a look at a few of the activities included!
First up, pattern sheets! These {and the rest of the sheets} focus on AB, ABC, ABB, and AAB patterns. Some sheets require the students to color in a pattern based on the different leaves given and other sheets give the same leaves and students must color the patterns in by the pattern names given.
Next, students can practice tally marks!
I've included a recording sheet to keep students focused and accountable. Students will write the letter found at the top of the card, then record how many tally marks that letter has! 
This next activity is one my most favorite in the set!! I love these adorable owls! Students match up the number, number word, ten frame and dots. With four cards in each set, the teacher can easily differentiate with what cards out of the set that they would like to use! {Numbers 1-20 are included!}
Here, students must identify the beginning letter for each picture. I've laminated my cards so that students can use a dry erase marker to show their answer. 
I hope you find these activities useful in your classroom!!
Happy fall y'all!

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