A New Year, A New Set Of Work Stations!

Here we are. A new year.  A fresh start. A rejuvenated spirit! 

A new semester in the classroom means we are half way through the year!! ((insert panic face)) Just kidding...deep breath! 

Kindergarten is such a fun grade because after December ends and January begins, I start to see kids maturing, new growth taking place and lightbulbs going off more often when the "ah-ha" moments kick in! There is absolutely nothing better than seeing a child finally "get it" and seeing the pure excitement run across their face!

For me, January is when I start taking those foundational skills and start building upon them. Students are typically ready to dive into teen numbers, middle sounds and ending sounds on words, measurement, and more fluently recognizing numbers, numbers words and ten frames, just to name a few!

Below are some 'low prep' activities that you can easily print, laminate and put into your work boxes for your students. They reinforce those skills and concepts you are teaching and they often help me get a quick glance at who is mastering the skill and who still is developing their thinking. Take a look at a few activities my students always enjoy!!

New work stations always start with some good ol' lamination! I just love my personal laminator!! 

First up is a gingerbread themed beginning sounds and letter matching. I will use this activity with my students who still need a little extra practice master those beginning sounds. I always make sure to tell them that their will always be a letter and a picture in the matched pair!
I also love to use this gingerbread themed ending sounds activity. 
***Please note that a few letters do not have pictures with them such as J and Q!
Here, students can practice reading those CVC words and identifying the vowel. My students love showing me how well they can read! There are a lot more word cards included that are not pictured here.  
In January, I also expect my students to really start identifying the number words. Here, students get to practice matching a number, number word and ten frame. This activity can be easily differentiated as I have included numbers up to 20. I always make sure to tell my students that they will have a green, pink and purple snowman in their matches!
In this activity, students can match a left mitten and a right mitten when they identify a letter and a picture that starts with that letter! 
Last but not least, these writeable ten frames are always a hit. In this activity I have included number that students can use to place in the dotted box or your students can use a dry erase marker, as seen below, to write their answer. I have included number 1-20 so that you can easily differentiate for your students! 

Those are just a few of the winter activities I have in my TpT store. Be sure to click on any picture to view it more closely. I hope a few of these activities help your kiddos learn and practice those essential skills this winter! 

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