Kansas City blogger meet-up!!

Oh my word! I had so much fun this weekend!!

If you read my post from Friday or if you saw my Facebook page, you know that I was meeting up with some fellow kinder bloggers. We met up in Kansas City on Saturday and Sunday and had the best time!! These girls were so much fun we had tons of laughs! At one point during the trip my cheeks were hurting from smiling and laughing so much! We of course visited the local teacher store, a local toy store, and I think it goes without saying that we did tons of shopping for our selves and our own kids too!

Here's a picture of me and the girls!
Do you know these fellow bloggers??
Erica from The Eagle's Nest, Kaci from Mrs. Hoffer's Spot, Jennifer from Hearding Kats in Kindergarten, and me!
Take a look at 1/2 of our loot that we bought on day one. 
There *may* have been some more purchases on day two! Lol... 
Yeah that's what happens when four girls get together--A lot of money gets spent!!

Here's a picture of some of the other goodies we scored.
These great games retail for $15.00 each but we scored them for $4.99 each from TJMaxx! We bought 2-4 each and the cashiers thought we were crazy for buying all of these!
 Here is the shopping center where we did a good deal of shopping- Legends!  Have you ever been??  I love their stores! It's an amazing outlet mall!

 They have a T-Rex cafe at Legends and Jennifer couldn't resist taking a picture with the dinosaur! (Please note the little black sign towards the bottom left--it reads 'please do not climb on the rocks'.... ha ha ha!  She is quite the daredevil!)
Erica showed us this hidden treasure... U.S. Toy!! This store is HUGE and the entire back half of the store is Oriental Trading---can you say JACKPOT!!!  We all left with a bag full of goodies from here!
This is the view when you first walk in.  I couldn't even capture the entire store in these pictures!!
It was really a HUGE store!!
These were just a few of the things we did on our trip!
Soon I'll show you some of the goodies I bought...I'm so excited and can't wait to use them in my classroom!


  1. Oh, Boo!! I'm so bummed I didn't know about this...I'm a KC Blogger!! :) Hopefully I'll be able to join in next time. It looks like you all had a GREAT time!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

    1. For sure Amy!!! I'm sure we'll do one again this summer! :)

  2. I had no IDEA TJ Maxx sold stuff like that! And to think I was right next to one getting an oil change the other day.

    Fun in PreK-1 is Having a Giveaway!

    1. Oh yes, they had tons of 'teacher' goodies!!!

  3. I'm a KC blogger as well. Be sure to put me on the next meet-up list :)
    Glad you had a great time!!

    1. Aghhh, we will for sure add you to the list also!! Sorry we missed you!

  4. I LOVE that US Toy and Supply Store!! I also visit the Legends quite often!! :o)


    1. We will add you too the list too! We'd all love to meet up this summer if your plans allow for it!!


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