Spring Break is over!

Aghhh..... that's my last sigh of spring break!
That's right guys. 
I go back to the grind tomorrow.
Spring break was fun while it lasted!
But I sure do miss my kiddos and can't wait to hear all of the stories from the past week!!
This spring break I was lucky enough to fly and visit my family in Georgia!
I made this trek alone considering my husband is still deployed (5 weeks folks and he'll be home!! YAY!!!!!). Sorry, I digressed.  Anyways, yes, visiting Georgia...it was a great trip! I got to see some great friends, spend some great quality time with my family members and I even made time to eat at ALL of my favorite restaurants!! Yes, I'm that  girl that daydreams about yummy food that I can't wait to eat again!!  Take a look a few of favorites!!
I love those Kyrstal chicken sandwiches!!
 OHMYWORD!!! I love some Zaxby's!!
The true southern girl in me was craving some real grits! Of course, I had to go to Waffle House for them!!  YUM-O!!!
I swear I'm not pregnant....I just love yummy food!!
These were so beautiful flowers that were in full bloom....
I got to meet my newest nephew who is 2 weeks old---a total highlight of my trip of course!!!
And one of the sweetest moments I caught on camera was this...
We had just arrived in Atlanta and my daughter was so excited that grandpa was picking us up!!
She latched right on him and wouldn't let go.
How sweet, right?!?
Well, tomorrow I will be reunited with my school babies again!!
I can't wait to see their smiling faces again. 
If you're going back to work again, good luck! Double check your alarms!!
If you're just starting spring break, enjoy it!! It goes quick!



  1. Looks like you had a great time! That picture of your daughter and grandpa is adorable. I just love when I capture those precious moments on camera to have forever! :) Hope your first day back goes smoothly.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

    1. Yes, moments like that I just stop what I'm doing to take a picture! Those times are always few and far between!! My first day back went great!! Thanks for stopping by!


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