Some goodies for my classroom!!

It was a GREAT first day back from spring break!
The kids were so excited to tell us all what they did over the break and I was just as eager to hear about all of their adventures! They all seemed well rested and everyone stayed on white for their behavior today---I can't believe it!  AMAZING!!
Anywho, I wanted to share some of my goodies that I've picked up over the last week or so.  I bought a few things when I went to Kansas City for the blogger meet up and a few other things while I was in Georgia.  Take a look at my loot:
 A table top foldable pocket chart--great for doing a pocket chart activity while sitting at their table for daily 5.  Three big dice that you can slide pictures or words into the sides and magnetic high frequency words that are color coded based on their part of speech! (Purchased at Mardel's)
 Dog bone erasers---these will be a great counting manipulative for a dog themed game my friend just made! (Purchased at U.S. Toy)
 "Water" boarders---we are ocean themed next year and these will be perfect! (Purchased at U.S. Toy)
Hook fingers--great for using when doing small group reading! (U.S. Toy)
 Cool number spinners---my kids will love using these instead of the usual square dice! (U.S. Toy)
 Apple, sports and bee erasers--I plan on using these as counting manipulative's for adding and subtracting games! (U.S. Toy)
 A little bowling set---I'll use this for subtraction stories!  The kids will die when they see this!! (U.S. Toy)
I've been needing number stamps for forever!
 Bigger 'real' looking coins---these will be great visuals and sorting mats when we look at money again soon.
(The above items were purchased at GA School Supply!)
Then I found some really great books about life cycles!
(Books were purchased at Books A Million)
Whew... that was a lot! I'm so excited unwrap all of goodies and get them in my classroom!  And all of these books will be great when we get into animal and plant life cycles soon in Science!!
Have you scored any goodies lately??  If so, tell me about them!


  1. Could you add where you got your products in case I find some extra dough laying around :) Those look like GREAT fun!!! I especially liked the spinner and erasers for manipulatives. THANKS!!!

    1. I updated it! I don't know how I forgot to do that! lol... Thanks!!

  2. I love coming home with new goodies!! Great finds!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. Thanks for sharing all of your new goodies, I'm so jealous! You hit the jackpot with those. I am your newest follower and glad to be linked up to all of your new posts. Check out my new blog at:


    1. Thanks for following! Going to check out your blog now!!


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