A Book Linky! Who's a Bad Kitty?

Hi guys!!
I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump's class for another great book for her Book Linky!!

I'm excited to bring you a fun and silly book today! 

You may already know this book Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel, but what you may not know is that there is this fun version out there at the bookstore!  This version, as you can see, has kitty bites taken out of it. 

You wouldn't think that would make a big difference in the story but let me tell you, it does! The kids absolutely loved it!  Many thought that a real kitty had taken those bites out of the book.  And my two year old has a field day with this book.  When we read it he often reminds me that the kitty is "so, so bad" and then makes his "meow" sounds and pretends to chomp a bite out of the book!  He's so silly!!
This is my daughter and she just loves it too! She's becoming such a good reader and loves trying to sound out all the words! 
The book is great for so many reasons! For starters, it goes through the alphabet 4 times. The first time, the author shows us different foods the owner bought. My daughter was so intrigued by so many of them that she has never tried before. 
The next set of alphabet letters tell about all the bad things the kitty did. My kids just giggled on and on during these pages! The just loved the funny things that crazy kitty got into! 
Next, the author shows us all of the good foods the owner bought at the store...
Lastly, the kitty decides to be a good kitty now! And that good kitty did a lot of good things! 
Overall, I have to say this book is great! The pictures are great, I love reading it and the kids love listening to it! 

This book can be used for many skills. It can be used when teaching letters of the alphabet, ordering events in a story or learning appropriate and inappropriate things to do at home and in public.

I will definitely use this book next time I am teaching letters to my kiddos!
And I have a freebie for you today that I hope you can use in your classroom. 

I made this simple template so that your students can create their own Bad Animal book!
They simply fill in the first line with an animal and then illustrate that animal on the cover. Then, they can fill in the letter pages by writing bad things their animal did next to each starting letter!  The kids will love creating their own Bad Animal book!!

I hope you like the book and the freebie! Enjoy!!

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