My Rhyming Word Flip Book!

If you like flip books and you teacher rhyming words, I have just the thing for you!

As summer is slowly ending for most and school is gearing up, it's time to start thinking about some of the important skills when starting a new school year!

After you get the first few weeks (or months) of school mastered, we always dive into rhyming words! Students have heard them most of their lives in nursery rhymes and books, and now it's your chance to show them to the kids. 

I've created this flip book to help students see how rhyming words relate (most of their endings are the same). I think flip books are a great quick and easy resource for students to reference when they need a refresher about a topic or skill. 

Take a look at "My Rhyming Words" Flip Book! 
I've included 2 kinds of covers, as well as 2 variations. 
**Please note, this set contains rhyming words that end with -at, -ig, -og, and -et.**

These are just some of the pages that are included.
I've created a colored cover for you to choose....
...or a black and white cover to choose! 
Which ever fits your budget or color copying criteria!!
In this set, I created two variations to choose from as well. 

The first set allows the students to list out rhyming words on the left, draw a picture using one of those rhyming words on the right, and write a sentence with a rhyming word at the bottom. 
The second variation allows students to write twice as many rhyming words and still write a sentence at the bottom using one of those words. 
I've also included possible answers in case your brain freezes up during the lesson, which mine ALWAYS does! 

Click here to view this flip book now in my TpT store! 

And remember, you can always choose the size of the book that you want also! 
You can print it on single sheets and have the booklet almost the size of printer paper as shown below. It's rather large but may be necessary for your kiddos!
Or you can change your printer settings a bit and print two to a page, as seen below!
On my laptop (which is a MAC), you go to print, then go right below 'orientation' and choose 'layout'. Be sure to choose 2 for the 'pages per sheet' and you should be ready to print! 
Or from my desktop PC, it looks like this. Choose print, then choose the third option under page sizing which should be 'multiple'. Again, choose 2 page per page and I picked vertical for this set. Then you are ready to print! 
I hope that you and your students find this flip book useful!

My plan is to make more literacy based flip books in the near future and even bundle them together too! Be on the lookout for them soon!!

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